Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Uh-huh. So I've been away. And your point is...?

And what's been happening in the meantime? Well, I can say that I've tied up most of my loose ends, my dad's tried to kill me many times over, school is boring, cookies are nice and the list goes on. BUT! Most important. I finally got the courage to contact Gerard via email, and he's replied :) Sad to say after about 6 emails we're still arguing about hyperventilation.

He's bleached his hair, and I want to dye mine pink. For a day. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU KNOW I'M INSANE. Anyway I asked him for hair dye-ing tips since he's dyed it so many times *w*

I've found out that the people on twitter really are nicer than the people on facebook, but that doesn't change the fact that they ARE part of the MCRmy, part of my family.

I guess it's just the fact that lots of people on the facebook page are really sketchy, and that just really gets on my nerves whenever I talk to them. It's like, sex this, sex that, sex all over the place. We are better than that, I know we are.

My parents have found out I'm talking to "devils" and want me to stop. I think if I carry on with this they'd call the exorcist lol.

I've gone past the depression, and I'm glad to say three weeks off the pills and cuts! Yay! Hopefully I can keep this up so I don't ruin my life any further. I've also gotten a slant fringe thing. It's quite nice, and I look lots better in it. Vritika23 on twitter is now my big sister. So is fuckyeahbandit.

If I get good enough results on my mid-year this time round I'll be getting a dog. I want a husky, and I'll name it Nightlocke. Thank you Rue, for being such an awesome friend. Good luck wherever you go, whatever you do, because the love of the MCRmy is with you. I hope to see you again one day.


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