Monday, 28 November 2011

You know, the fact that a celebrity might be reading this is rather horrifying.

The thought just came, and I thought I'd might like to write it down somewhere.

Also kind of creepy that the person you will eventually meet and settle down with is walking the earth right now, and maybe you've bumped into him/her on the street, maybe you've talked to him/her before and maybe you like him/her. The very prospect is rather creepy. Well, amazing, but creepy.

Also the prospect that the celebrities *coughmcrcough* I'm writing a fanfic about right now might be reading this post, and then going on to read my fanfic which I am going to post on my other blog, is kind of creepy, not to mention weird. And to allay your fears, my darling rock stars, there is no Waycest or Frerard, and definitely no Frikey. I respect your privacy, I really do. I'm a straight person. Frank, go ahead, say it with me: Homophobia is Gay.

Also most people might be dead in the end.

I know for a fact that my character's mom is dead.

I think I'm going to kill her dad off as well.

Interesting plot points much.

I'm also going to break up with my "boyfriend". (He calls me his girlfriend, but honestly, I think he's just that pathetic.) Everytime I see him he just drags me into a room and tries to have sex with me. Seriously, dude, get a grip.

Also, he's three years older than I am, and that makes him 17. OMFGeezy. I've decided that this first impression of what is so-called love is not entire THAT good, and therefore I'm dumping it.

No hard feelings, really, but I wonder how the guy will take it.

Also, I'll be damned if another of this kind of guys pops up.


I really should be posting some fanfic. I'm working on it. Might meet a writer's block halfway and trash the whole thing, but hey, it's gonna be fun anyway.

I'll have to get the prologue from the MCR website first, so nothing's here yet.

Now, a lovely poem for you all, it's my contribution to the "Not Alone, All Together" project.

You are Not Alone

Seems familiar?
You search uselessly for a way out.
Darkness boils within.
A bright angel, demolished.
Death beckons to you with a crooked finger.
The knife, it seems so tempting.
The gun, so innocent.
All it needs is a small movement of a suicidal muscle.
But stop.
There is hope in the darkness, a light,
The green exit sign entices you to a world of colour
From under his cowl, Death hisses in defiance.
But he can do no more than watch you go.
Pale hands steady your shaking feet
Walking out, tasting freedom so sweet
Ignore their teasing and raucous laughter
Your antagonistic reaction is what they're after
Shine your way out of fear
Hold on to hope that is so dear
Once you leave the monochrome behind
Happiness and colour is all you'll find
Five words, fallen angel, comes the voice from the phone
I cannot emphasize enough -- You are not alone.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

30 day *coughquestionscough* MCR challenge

I've decided that since I probably won't be able to do it for a full 30 days, the answers to my quiz are all here.

Day 1: Favourite album = Welcome To The Black Parade.
Day 2: Favourite song without a video = Kill All Your Friends
Day 3: Favourite song from Bullets = Drowning Lessons
Day 4: Favourite song from Revenge = It's gotta be Helena
Day 5: Favourite song from Parade = Kill All Your Friends
Day 6: Favourite Frerard moment = When Frank was all like: *throws guitar around* *kisses Gee*
Day 7: Favourite lyrics = 'Cos we all wanna party when the funeral ends
Day 8: A song that makes you happy = Summertime
Day 9: Favourite live performance = Erm, never actually been to one, but if I must, the one where Gerard said, "22. If I had a cupcake, I'd give it to you."
Day10: Favourite Ray's solo = VAMPIRE MONEHHHH
Day 11: Favourite Bob/Frank moment = During the video called four things you never wanted to know about mcr, frank was literally fucking with bob's mind. I like that.
Day 12: Favourite Gerard/Mikey moment = When Mikey fell onstage, Gerard went over to tickle him. HOW KAWAII
Day 13: Favourite Picture of them = WHEN THEY WERE "Messing around with the giant panda"
Day 14: Favourite interview: AOL session on the spot questions.
Day 15: Whatever tickles your fancy = MIKEY WAY AND HIS UNICORNS!
Day 16: Favourite music video = Helena
Day 17: Favourite video = The one when Frankie tries to get into the coffin XDD
Day 18: Least favourite song = Erm.... Desolation Row
Day 19: A song that makes you sad = Cancer
Day 20: Favourite moment from LOTMS = "I just put my hand in a cupcake!" I guess you would know what I mean.
Day 21: Favourite song they have covered = All I want for christmas is you
Day 22: Favourite Leathermouth song = Fifth Period Massacre
Day 23: Favourite quote = "This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, motherfucker."
Day 24: Favourite Frank tattoo = Search and Destroy.
Day 25: Favourite MCR dog = Professor Buckley
Day 26: Time you've been a fan = 'bout 4 years.
Day 27: How did you discover them = Thank you, my older brother.
Day 28: Resons why you love them and their music =

  1. They have saved my life on numerous occasions
  2. They are inspirational
  3. They make me cry with joy
  4. They alleviate my pain
  5. They are very sweet
  6. This reason is not very important to me, unlike to some people. They are the hottest guys on earth.
Day 29: What do you expect about the new album = Well, they said that they needed something to rebel against, so I'm suspecting something as dark as WTTBP, but with still a bit of joy in it.
Day 30:  Whatever tickles your fancy = I named Mikey's unicorn Poof.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fucking blood, bruises, blood and more bruises

Okay, let's just say I went out with my church youth group for a barbeque. I had smoke in my eyes, cinders on my feet, and rain water on my back, but the whole thing was worth it.

Except for one fucking thing.

We were playing fucking frisbee. Now I have nothing against the people in my group, and neither do I have anything against frisbees, but SOMEBODY *coughjoycough* swung the fucking frisbee right in in my fucking face.

In my eyes.

On my spectacles.

And I hate her for it.

My eyes watered, and I didn't scream, which was nice.

Then I started laughing like a dipshit.

And then they were all crowded around me and like, are you okay and all that.

Bitches. It's just my fucking eye. Leave it fucking alone.

Of course, nothing much developed until today, when I looked in the mirror and there was a fucking bruise, smiling blatantly at me, on my fucking face. Fuck you natural healing systems. Be a little more discreet.

Well, other than that it was a pretty good way to celebrate. I got to play a few MCR songs, but the lighter ones like "Kids From Yesterday" and "Summertime" as well as "Bulletproof Heart" and that's about as far as I could go without having a "NO!" snapped in my face.

ALSO my fucking handphone is fucking malfunctioning. Every single time I try to open the fucking menu or listen to music it shuts itself off. Damn you malfunctions. Damn you.

But the good thing about it is that I am getting a new handphone SOON *glares at mom* and it will be better than my older brother's, which means definitely a touchscreen.

I'm also drinking juice right now. Yeah, I drink juice when I'm killin' cause it's fucking delicious.



"You'll never take me alive, you'll never get me alive."

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Maturity that comes with being a teenager can really suck.

Nobody tells you you have expiry date. Especially my parents. Because why? Because their too busy caught up with my fucking younger brother who is a goodytwoshoesidiotloser.

Well then, if they don't give a hoot about me, then I don't give a hoot about them.

Fucking morons.

And this thing about my coffee addiction. Yes, I am drinking coffee right now. They're all like, "Coffee's a grown-up drink and you should never drink it because you are a kid." and I'm like, "Excuse me, but you said the other day you wanted me to grow up." And they're like, "Oh, we never expected you to take it so seriously."

I'm sorry, but drinking coffee doesn't exactly seem like a serious issue. Day in day out they always say that I'm addicted to coffee, but honestly I'm not. I can go more than a week without coffee.

Fucking idiots. They don't see caffeine addiction when it is. They act like self-important life gurus just because they are more than fucking 30 years older than me. Hello, but I think I've more maturity than you. At least more than you to be able to differentiate who the fuck the coffee is meant for.

What? What's that? Oh, introductions. See, I don't really like to tell people about my true self, so I'm going by a moniker, Blood Butterflies.

Name: Blood Butterflies
Nickname: BB
Age: (At time of post) 14 years.
Birthday: 4 November 1997
Appearance: Dark hair, dark eyes, rather tan. Wears anything with cool shades in it, like blue/purple. Darker warm shades are welcome, e.g. Red.
Height and Weight: Confidential
Nationality: Confidential
Personality: Usually cold and calm.
Favourite colours: Black, Blood red and Sky blue
Favourite bands: I'm a Parawhore, and an Idiot, but my heart is forsworn to the MCRmy. I also like Evanescence.
Other Favourites: I'm a scientific person.
Dislikes: Pop bitches and socializing.
History: I'm a teenage girl nothing. You could say I just fade into the background.
Relationships: A celebrity crush on Gerard Way and Frank Iero. Other than that, nothing.
Five words to sum me up: Don't, Read, Me, You, Bitch


I do have another blog, url: I came here because I wanted to shun all the attention I was getting from that blog. I'm such a bloodworm at times.

Another thing I don't understand is why people call me emo. I guess they're just more than jealous of me. So jealous that they go by fucking stereotypes.

On the bright side, I went shopping yesterday, and I picked up fingerless gloves! Woo hoo! Also, a book, a medical thriller, called Mutation, by Robin Cook. Absolute recommendation.



"You'll never take me alive, you'll never get me alive."