Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Random thoughts in complete randomness of a completely insane and random person.

I kind of noticed that most killjoys on the my chem website are getting ass hurt over a few trolls maybe, as well as not winning some competitions.

You asses, re-LAX. It's a competition, and you gave it your best shot. Stop fucking ranting about how you're supposed to have won. In our eyes, all our answers are always good enough. Our answers will always be the perfect ones. OUR response is always correct and the best, no matter how wrong it is.You are all really childish to have gotten butthurt over not winning that Phant-O-Matic, okay? My Chem organises a motherfucking competition so that their fans will be happy. THEY, I am sure, certainly didn't want their fans to be hurt over not being able to win. They are the ones that selected the entry that would win, so why are you getting hurt over it? Accept the fact that your answer probably wasn't good enough and move on, because other than that, all you can do is sulk about it, bitch about it, fuck a horse about it. Nothing you can do will ever make you the winner of the competition, no matter how many times you dream of it, no matter how many times you want to murder the person over and over and over, no matter how many morbid thoughts you have on killing and mutilating the winner. SHE was chosen to be the winner, and there's absolutely nothing, NOTHING, you can do about it. So STOP being a pain in the ass and move on. Lots of chances await you, so you have to keep trying. Don't just sit there and expect things to happen.

I've also noticed that the killjoys are quarreling over who should win and who shouldn't. WELL EXCUSE ME, you might call it sibling rivalry, but I wish. I really wish that we could be a family again. Killjoys, I'm fighting a motherfucking losing battle here. I can't win if I'm flying solo. We need to be a big family again. We need to love each other like we did before. What happened? People hate us, because there's too much drama here! I agree with them. Some people have been quarrelling over the issue of "new" fans and "old" fans. Apparently, they say, old fans are the best of fans while new fans just want to be fans because My Chemical Romance is now mainstream. Yeah right. YEAH RIGHT. Fans will be fans, tumbleweeds, and as long as they love MCR for their world-changing records and albums, not just like "OHMYGODIWANTTOFUCKGERARDUNDERTHEMISLTETOE" or something along those lines then please, accept them for who they are! We are all outcasts here, and in my opinion the my chem website, the facebook page, even the MCRmy twitter accounts, are where we are accepted. Where we can belong. AND you guys, the supposed loving and caring older ones, are ousting them out! You are ostracizing them! What happened to the one big family?

Also that thing about the old MCR and the new MCR. Killjoys, there will be old material and new material, but MCR will be MCR and that will never ever change. NEVER. The message they've been sending 7 years ago is the same that they're sending now: "Be yourself, never be a second-rate copy of someone else because you are unique and no one can ever replace you." They are sending the same message, except through different sounds: Bullets and Revenge were very dark and what fits the stereotype of emo, Black Parade was spunky and theatrical, and Danger Days is futuristic and loving. Can't you see that? Patients have left the MCRmy because "oh, the new album is too happy." What kind of fucking reason is that? MCR has and always will be my hero, because they send the same message with every song they produce; be it Our Lady of Sorrows or Vampires Will Never Hurt You or Sing or Party Poison. They are the same message in a different form! It's like eating chocolate ice cream and eating chocolate ice cream CAKE.

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