Monday, 28 November 2011

You know, the fact that a celebrity might be reading this is rather horrifying.

The thought just came, and I thought I'd might like to write it down somewhere.

Also kind of creepy that the person you will eventually meet and settle down with is walking the earth right now, and maybe you've bumped into him/her on the street, maybe you've talked to him/her before and maybe you like him/her. The very prospect is rather creepy. Well, amazing, but creepy.

Also the prospect that the celebrities *coughmcrcough* I'm writing a fanfic about right now might be reading this post, and then going on to read my fanfic which I am going to post on my other blog, is kind of creepy, not to mention weird. And to allay your fears, my darling rock stars, there is no Waycest or Frerard, and definitely no Frikey. I respect your privacy, I really do. I'm a straight person. Frank, go ahead, say it with me: Homophobia is Gay.

Also most people might be dead in the end.

I know for a fact that my character's mom is dead.

I think I'm going to kill her dad off as well.

Interesting plot points much.

I'm also going to break up with my "boyfriend". (He calls me his girlfriend, but honestly, I think he's just that pathetic.) Everytime I see him he just drags me into a room and tries to have sex with me. Seriously, dude, get a grip.

Also, he's three years older than I am, and that makes him 17. OMFGeezy. I've decided that this first impression of what is so-called love is not entire THAT good, and therefore I'm dumping it.

No hard feelings, really, but I wonder how the guy will take it.

Also, I'll be damned if another of this kind of guys pops up.


I really should be posting some fanfic. I'm working on it. Might meet a writer's block halfway and trash the whole thing, but hey, it's gonna be fun anyway.

I'll have to get the prologue from the MCR website first, so nothing's here yet.

Now, a lovely poem for you all, it's my contribution to the "Not Alone, All Together" project.

You are Not Alone

Seems familiar?
You search uselessly for a way out.
Darkness boils within.
A bright angel, demolished.
Death beckons to you with a crooked finger.
The knife, it seems so tempting.
The gun, so innocent.
All it needs is a small movement of a suicidal muscle.
But stop.
There is hope in the darkness, a light,
The green exit sign entices you to a world of colour
From under his cowl, Death hisses in defiance.
But he can do no more than watch you go.
Pale hands steady your shaking feet
Walking out, tasting freedom so sweet
Ignore their teasing and raucous laughter
Your antagonistic reaction is what they're after
Shine your way out of fear
Hold on to hope that is so dear
Once you leave the monochrome behind
Happiness and colour is all you'll find
Five words, fallen angel, comes the voice from the phone
I cannot emphasize enough -- You are not alone.

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