Monday, 2 April 2012

I feel like I'm sorely missing something here.

Maybe it's just me; maybe it's the fact that I just finished watching Life On The Murder Scene and when Gerard said "When this band is through" I just couldn't take it and broke down. Maybe it's because I'm becoming too dependent on my music to keep me breathing, keep me alive, living, properly living.

But then again, nothing like this would happen. Right?

I mean, I just watched the Helena video again, and somehow it just has so much more meaning to it than just a video, a snapshot in time and space to commemorate Helena's passing. I don't know -- these are the type of things I would just love to describe to you guys, but then again I stumble for the correct words and it all comes out wrong. That's the way real music is supposed to make you feel. That's the way music is supposed to make you -- it would make you want to cry, and pour out, bleed out your soul onto the keyboard or a piece of manuscript.

So my little emotional rant is half over, but I still feel like I'm lacking. I'm missing something here, something that's supposed to be the whole point -- something intangible.

I'll find it later.

Okay, so I haven't been here in a while, thanks to exams, shit, tests, shit, shit, shit, and more shit. But this post is dedicated to lots of things, and as we go down, why don't we tick them off the list?

Dedicated to: My Chemical Romance; for being the best band ever is, ever was, ever will be. Thanks for so much, and I'm actually just mentally dating you guys even though (damn) you don't know I fucking exist. I'm so weird.

Yep. So I logged in this fine night with the bugs trying to fucking rape my hair (get out of there you fucking pests) and I see a new follower! Hell yeah! Anyway just went straight to the new post page so didn't see who it was, but this post is dedicated to you as well! How nice! Welcome to the world of blood, gore, depression, chemicals, and bands.


Oh, bugs.

Hmm. What else. Oh, and Gerard's birthday is in a week's time, hooray! Happy birthday you fucking sass master. I've got prezzies, and I'm gonne post them to your facebook wall ahahahahaha.

I'm so weird. That's the second time I've said this.

This post is also dedicated to the world of weird hairstyling! I wanted to cut my slant a bit shorter (because it was growing like, 8cm long.) so I tried to. But my mother came in and cut BANGS. FUCKING. BANGS. I look so damn weird, and everyone's laughing. Not like it actually made a difference anyway, but I pinned it up, and I'm growing it out so I can cut a proper slant again. NO YOU SHALL NOT. -- Older Bro.

And yes mother, I'm keeping you away from the scissors.
BUT NOT ME :3-- older bro again.
Just for the record, I'm also dedicating this blog post to abandoning the responsibilities of being the child of two of the shitties parents ever. So now, I'm not referring to them as mom and dad but as mother and father. Gives it a nice, sterile, whitewashed feel that they like. It's gonne take a while to get used to it, but it's gonna be worth it, I swear.

Ahem. Bugs.

Lastly. I think. I'm dedicating this blog post, most of all, to my wonderful sisters and band, the fucking awesome, one and only Revenge Regime. Hell yeah! Also, even though my sisters can't see this, you can practically feel the love and pride ooze from the post.

(Yeah. Feel it. FEEL EET.)

So yeah, I love them like family, even though we're all over the world and shit, they're pretty much all I have left, after what happened... but let's not go into details, we're having way too much fucking fun here.

That's pretty much it, sums up everything that's been happening while I was gone, and yeah, I hadn't had the time or guts to post because parents and exams and shit. So yeah. I'll probably post again next monday though, it's gonna get good. RIGHHHT.--OLDER BRO.

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