Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy Late Post About the Birthday Of a Man who doesn't care about me, probably doesn't know I exist either, but I do care lots about him.

He taught me to never give a fuck about what others think. He taught me to always chase my dreams and fuck the others who are too timid, or too conformed by society to do so. He taught me to always live and love, that there are people out there who understand you. That there are people out there who love you, truly truly love you for who you are. He taught me to respect myself, to never hurt mysel...f in any way possible. He taught me many, many, many things. He is the best teacher ever.

He molded me and painted me, from an unsightly, dull, clay vase to one that is brightly coloured and unique. I was stuck in society's trap -- a black and white world that was just so drab and dull. When I longed for something more than the usual screaming and crying, he gave that to me.

And without him knowing it, he became my hero.

Thank you, Gerard Gee-way. Thank you, and happy birthday. May the years to come be even more successful for you. Stay happy, stay snarky, stay my hero.
 Um, also, this picture kind of reminds me of the I'm Not Okay video, their uniforms, lol! I stumbled upon this...


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